R2 Certification

In addition to existing licenses with CalRecycle and DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control), E-Waste Gurus facility is R2v3 certified. 

The R2 Standard is the leading global certification standard for responsible electronics reuse and recycling. It is designed to safeguard people, protect the environment, secure data, and preserve resources. This is achieved through rigorous 3rd-party audits of R2 certified facilities and through transparency and accountability throughout the entire reuse/recycling chain of used electronic products.

Here at E-Waste Gurus we evaluate, test, and refurbish each product before listing it for sale. We install only licensed OS and upgrade computers for better performance and greater experience. Our customers find it more advantageous to shop at our E-Waste Gurus shop rather than buying new electronics from a local store due to the price difference, upgrades, and our quality guarantee.

By R2 Standards we are required to categorize Product Functionality and its Cosmetic condition. So apart from a detailed description, you will see each product listed under a specific R2 Condition Category. You can find a detailed narrative of the grading system used to categorize Functionality and Cosmetic conditions HERE.